all your houses


“For survivors things go back to a reconfigured version of normal. For better or for worse people forget perhaps more quickly than they should, and the episode becomes a subject only for historians.”

History happens, crisis happens, we cope, time moves on. But how do we cope? Fourteen people look out of their bedroom windows. Something is coming, so they look to each other for help, only to find that they’re alone. This new piece of theatre has been created with Guildhall School final-year Acting students.

Available via Guildhall School | 14 - 28 April

Ali Pidsley co-director

Ed Madden co-director

Rosie Gray and Company text

Anna Reid design mentor

Eilidh MacKenzie lighting designer

Tara Boland costume designer
Miriam Houghton costume designer 
Lucy Lawless costume designer 

Jonathan Chan sound designer

Charlie Jenkins cinematographer

Dan Light co-director of photography

Ellie Claughton producer