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Elizabeth (Eddie) Doyle is a writer, actor, poet and musician based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Her career started in a devised setting, working with Northern Stage's Young Company from 2018, and she has kept hive-mind thinking at the core of her work ever since. She has gone on, among other things, to be commissioned for We Fly The Flag, writing Molecules to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration, and The Gods of Byker, an audio experience celebrating the Byker Wall community, available on Spotify. While she is an artist at heart, her work is often more about providing free meals and activities for families than theatre itself. Eddie's main focus is, and always will be, people; who we are as individuals, with our own universes, and who we are as a collective in this ever-turbulent, though ever-hopeful, world.

Barrel Organ and English Touring Theatre are making an adaptation of the classic novel Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy, due to tour nationally in 2021/22, and we are working with 15 young people from across the UK to make it happen. Meet more of the Tess Young Company here. 

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