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We're currently looking for more trustees!

We are currently recruiting for multiple Trustee positions. We are particularly interested in hearing from people with an interest/ expertise in: Finance, Charity law, Environmental Sustainability, Accessibility.

More information, including how to apply, available at this link.

Large print available at this link.

This application window will close on Thursday 28th March 2024 at 5pm.

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town squared

Town Squared is Barrel Organ’s brand-new civic participation project. Each year, we will work with the population of a different small- to medium-sized town in England to find new, exciting ways of making theatre and building community. After a series of weekly open-access workshops with brilliant artists and theatre-makers, those involved will work together to write, direct, design and perform in their own short plays, to be presented in the town centre for anyone who wants to join in the fun. We’re beyond excited to collaborate with communities to theatricalise the stories they want to tell.


Town Squared is currently on hiatus. Sign up to our newsletter above to receive more information about future events.


If you live or work in a town which you feel would benefit from this project, please drop Dan a line on

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