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A woman with glasses standing in front of a microphone, there is another person doing the same in the distance.

about us

Barrel Organ is a theatre company led by collaboration. We make daring and generous work with under-represented groups and individuals from across the UK. By building meaningful relationships, we support our collaborators to shape a process that empowers everyone involved to take an imaginative leap and give voice to the stories they want to tell. 


Our work happens all over the UK, invoking meaningful change in the world and challenging what theatre is and can be. Liveness is at the heart of everything we do and allows us to be open and responsive to what is happening around us in the world. We believe that everybody should be afforded the opportunity to nourish their creativity and have a voice, whether they consider themselves to be an artist or not. We support this by creating a safe, generous and artistically challenging space to champion and platform our collaborators' stories.


We believe that creativity should be part of everyday life so we provide opportunities for people who face barriers to accessing the arts. We consider our audiences as active collaborators and want them to represent the individuals and groups we work with. Our aim is to build new artistic communities that are reflective of the country we live in. 


Our projects take many different forms. We have made theatre shows and films and deliver projects online and in-person. We have performed shows in theatres, car parks, beaches,  and tents

A man with glasses laughing and looking to the side.

the show is never finished

Barrel Organ began as a group of 11 friends looking to make work outside of the status quo. Our first show, Nothing (text by Lulu Raczka, made by the company), was a series of monologues that focused on experiences of isolation as a young person.

A man stands in front of a red curtains in a photo frame. There are other photo frames that picture bright red curtains inside. The pictures are in dimly lit room filled with people.
A group of 3 men sat around a table laughing and looking at one another

The process enabled us to develop an ensemble based practice, collaborating with multiple artists. Nothing was performed in car parks, houses and in theatre spaces and adapted in multiple mediums including film and via phone calls.

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ali pidsley


Ali has a background in directing and facilitating.

jameela khan

company producer

Jameela has a background in a producing, working in theatre and film.

jack perkins



Jack has a background in education and was a founding member of Barrel Organ.

rosie gray


Rosie has a background in performance and writing.

kate wasserberg



Kate has a background in directing.

dan hutton

associate director

Dan has a background in directing.

ethel maqeda



Ethel has a background in writing and facilitation.


We're currently looking for more trustees!

We are currently recruiting for multiple Trustee positions. We are particularly interested in hearing from people with an interest/ expertise in: Finance, Fundraising, Charity law, Environmental Sustainability, Accessibility. We are also seeking someone to take on the position of Chair.

More information, including how to apply, available at this link.

Large print available at this link.

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