LIVE is a scratch night curated by Barrel Organ; presenting experimental and non-traditional work that specifically acknowledges 
the presence of the audience and plays with the ‘liveness’ of theatre.

Each LIVE is curated by Barrel Organ from an open call out and nights have been shared
 across the UK in cities including Sheffield, Manchester & Cardiff as well as its regular home at Camden People's Theatre.


The night is a space for artists currently under-represented in theatre, who are working in/with non-traditional formsto be able to test new materialin front of an audience. The aim is to offer a platform and chance for constructiveand beneficial criticism. 

With support from Camden People’s Theatre we are able to offer each artist/company selected a flat fee of £50for the night and a day’s rehearsals space.


The LIVE nights offer the opportunity for emerging, as well as more established, artists and companies to test up to 20 minutes of material in front of an audience. 

Through LIVE we have supported the initial creation of shows such as 5 Encounters on a site Called Craigslist (YESYESNONO), See Through (Clare Gaydon), Here Comes The Sun (Joseph Morgan-Schofield), Phroot Salad (Jules Orucolo), Suitman Jungle (Sam Bailiey and NABAKOV) and many more.