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12 May 2022

It's been a busy old month at Barrel Organ HQ (which, in keeping with the times, isn't a bricks-and-mortar HQ, but exists in the ether, between all the great people and communities we work with).

After spending time at Leighton Buzzard market on Saturday (rainy pic above - it got brighter!), we kicked off our inaugural Town Squared project in Leighton-Linslade on Monday with a delightful, inspiring ninety minutes spent in the company of some truly brilliant people from the area. We got to know one another, spoke about the merits of storytelling, and created a performance about two spies stuck in a lift. We're very much looking forward to the next one, and the next one, and the next one, all the way through until mid-July.

In April, we spent a week at NSDF in Leicester, a festival for young and aspiring theatre-makers. We ran some workshops on creating a new show, spoke with lots of brilliant artists and got to see the first work-in-progress sharing of Votive Theatre's thrilling new show, Choose Your Fighter. We've been supporting Votive since last year through our Barrel Organ & Company programme, and it was a real treat to see this idea we first read about in November last year come alive. Keep your eyes peeled for more info on the next year of Barrel Organ and Company in our next newsletter...

Finally, this month we've brought Annys Whyatt into the fold as our new Assistant Producer, who will be supporting us to deliver a summer full of projects and workshops. Welcome Annys!

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