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15 Apr 2024

This month, we hand over the newsletter reins to our Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) with some introductions and wise words! YAP is our training programme targeted at under-represented young people with an interest in getting into Arts Leadership and Governance. They are working with us for 2 years, informing programme, strategy & future plans! They are going to change the world.


Hello, I’m Sadia and if there’s a problem, I’m the answer  I’m a creative who works with people, for people. I’m a public speaker that focuses on generating better health through conversation, ranging from motivational speaking, coaching, facilitating and research. My reach is continuously growing, dipping into themes of young people's mental health, women’s reproductive health, equality, equity and inclusion and even creativity and heritage. 

I love speaking in front of crowds and at events, making the guests both laugh and ponder. If you’d like a fresh style of interacting with the people around you, why not try enlisting this chatterbox? 

Places to find work for:

The Arts Industry

The following are great places to look for jobs related to the arts industry, that aren’t commonly available on places like ‘LinkedIn’ and ‘Indeed’

Supplementing Income

The following are great ways to ensure some extra cash without sacrificing all your time into a job that isn’t in the Arts industry.


Hi I’m Amy! (She/Her) I am an actor, writer and theatre maker from Manchester.


My silly fact is I have a fear of ketchup. 



  1. Peggy Ramsey Foundation bursary’s for jobbing playwrights - on a rolling basis



YAP Recommends 

West Midlands Tour -

- My first stage managing gig


Immy, Wolverhampton, (pic attached), Actor-Musician/Backstage Lad, I had to pass a beaver to Sir Ian Mckellen



Sheffield. Crucible Theatre. 26th February. Members of YAP boarded trains and buses from across the country to venture Up North for the first in-person meet-up after many Zoom meetings! Hugs were all around for each entrance of a YAP member, however we all know what was really being thought – ‘Didn’t expect them to be that tall!’. Once the usually pixelated, buffering, background morphing images had settled to the real person, the work started. We were posed questions to invite discussion on how Barrel Organ represent themselves and what they can do to improve this. How they can connect to their audiences. We spoke about Barrel Organ’s past projects and what is in the pipe-line. How Barrel Organ can challenge themselves to be a little #lesshumble and celebrate the work they do. Giving them a little tour of the inner workings of Instagram – we hope Dan has recovered. And even planning a Birthday Party!! I have known and worked with Barrel Organ on projects over a span of three years and have never met any of the team in person. Taking these discussions out of a square frame and being able to be with people and discuss everything art and theatre proved to be a beautiful day. It was an honour to be in a room with such incredible and inspiring creatives – so we must thank Barrel Organ for bringing us all together!


YAP Recommends

SHIFT+SPACE Applications open — free performance opportunity, artists get 100% of Box Office! ( [deadline: 10am on 12/04/24]

(I’m not involved in anything which is being advertised yet but these should be pretty great!)



Rory, Cambridge and London, [photo over whatsapp to Sadia!], I’m a theatremaker/theatrical multi-tool (the only thing off-limits is acting). My fun fact is that I bought over 500 hotdog buns in 2023 — for theatre reasons! 


YAP Recommends

‘I Am. Am I’ a work in progress piece by Louiseanne Wong. 

They have performed this piece in London and Manchester etc so if they are performing in your local area in the future be sure not to miss out!! :)) I am not involved in this but I saw it earlier and absolutely loved it!

Great page for paid opportunities in the industry - I follow this page and thought could be helpful to share!


London (and occasionally Hong Kong) 

Lighting Design, Producing, Stage Managing, anything that doesn’t involve being on stage in front of an audience

Fun Fact: When I was a kid I thought being a landlord was an occupation and it was my dream job for a while…

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