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midsummer mayhem

23 Jun 2022

The longest day has been and gone! Sad face. Still, doesn't everything feel just that little bit better when the evenings sprawl out in front of you?

It's a fairly short update from us this month, as we're taking it easy over the summer months after a very busy first half of the year.

In Leighton-Linslade, Town Squared has been continuing apace, and we've started thinking now about story structure and perspective. We also had a fantastic time working with the Friends Within Mencap group, and hope to join them again soon. If you live in or around Leighton-Linslade, do feel free to pop along on Mondays 7.45-9.30pm at the Pages Park Pavilion. We'll also have an informal sharing of the work we've been doing on the evening of 18th July, so pop that in your diary if you're up for it!

At Oldham Coliseum, we ran a workshop on storytelling with a community of wonderful women who are part of Roma Connections. From eerie beach tales, to the beauty of household objects we explored the human inclination for a beginning, middle and an end.

Thanks to funding from the Postcode Lottery Foundation, and as part of our exciting new partnership with Mind in Doncaster, Ali went along to a Peer Support group to run a workshop around storytelling and narrative, and we'll be launching our Campfire project with Mind in the Autumn.

And finally, we're thrilled to announce the third year of Barrel Organ & Company, our artist development programme for new companies making their first piece of work. More information is available here. If you've already made some work as a company however, worry not! We'll be sharing more information on our next batch of LIVE applications in the near future.

We'll be back in July with more news. Any questions in the meantime, you can find us on Twitter @Barrel_Organ, or on Facebook or Instagram @barrelorgantheatre, or you can reply to this email.

Love, Team BO x

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