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11 Oct 2022

Right, show of hands: who hates how it's getting too dark too early? This bit of the year when we're back in the swing of things but haven't yet got the warmth and comfort of winter festivities is always a bit of a struggle, isn't it? But you're doing great, hang in there!


While plans come on apace for LIVE Bradford (more info on which in the comings weeks), we're now also looking for brilliant artists to join us for LIVE at Barnsley Civic in March next year. We have in-person slots for underrepresented Barnsley / South Yorkshire artists and hybrid/digital slots for underrepresented artists from anywhere. If this is you, we want to hear about your idea! More info can be found here.


Last week, we also had a ball at Totally Locally Leighton Buzzard's Fun Palaces event to kick off our Town Squared workshops again in Leighton-Linslade. As well as our open-access Monday evening workshops, we're also going to be working with youth groups, elders' groups and adults with additional needs in the area - all of which are free! As Christmas approaches, we may also bring them all together for a big celebratory performance of all the brilliant things we've made...


And next week we're starting a brand new project with our pals at Doncaster Mind. Campfire is about collective storytelling & finding inspiration from the natural world around us, resulting in a piece of performance told entirely from within the audience. If you are Doncaster or South Yorkshire based & would like to join the weekly sessions, get in touch with Mind or directly with us. We are hugely grateful to funding from the Postcode Lottery for enabling this to happen.


We're also on the lookout for a brand-new Company Producer to join us at Team BO. If you're a principled, collaborative and innovative producer (or want to be!) and fancy joining us to help make change happen, please do let us know! All the important details are on our website.

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